How Travel Ban’s Impact Tourism

Trump’s travel ban is estimated to cost the U.S. tourism industry a whopping 18 billion dollars in the coming years. With the amount of peoples now not allowed to visit the United States, the citizens whose livelihood relies on the tourism industry are worried that they may be out of a job in the recent future. To put it simply, no travelers, no hotel stays, less restaurant reservations, no tour guide reservations, no attraction visits, this means revenues for these businesses, which mean more people will be laid off, wages will be cut, and businesses will close.


Many American’s think this ban will not effect them, but when one industry capsizes, the entire economy tips. There will be 4.3 million less travelers to the U.S. from foreign countries, this will result in a huge dip in the U.S. economy. The international-tourism industry is a 250 billion dollar industry, so this temporary travel ban is not a small impact.


This does not only effect the people working in the tourism industry but the entire population of the U.S. People that lost work from the industry will try to find work in other industries causing them to have a surplus of workers, This will also mean a majority of people will have less money to spend, so that causes a decreases in the amount of goods and services that are bought in America. That, in turn, causes other industries to decline, until the economy can regulate itself to these changes, or Trumps ban is revoked.


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