Trump’s Travel Ban Impacts Education

Trump’s recent travel ban will not only cause the U.S. tourism industry to suffer, but also the U.S. secondary education institutions. University Leaders from all over the U.S. have spoken up about this issue. Why is this so important? Tens of thousands of students from the countries banned come to the United States each year in order to obtain a degree.


Students come from all over the world to study at the United States’ top universities, but those numbers will drop if the ban stays in place, and not just students from those countries in the current ban. Already about 600 colleges and universities have sent their warning and concerns for how this ban will negativly impact America’s institutions. Only 15,000 of the 1 million international students who come to the U.S. each year to study are impacted, but who knows if others will be discouraged from studying in U.S. because of this ban.

bi-graphicsvisa holders.png

Trump’s temporary travel ban impacts not just immigrants, not just foreigners, not just political professional; It effects everyone from the guy serving hot dogs out of a cart on Wall Street, to the Professors at public and private universities all over the country. It does not just effect those who can not come from the certain countries named but influences other foreigners and travelers alike. The travel ban has a incredibly huge impact on many facets of both domestic and international life.


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