U.S. Cannot Isolate Itself, This is Why.

“Americans will not have a secure food supply until Congress enacts immigration reform that helps agriculture workers and their families acquire legal rights, according to a new study on U.S. agriculture and undocumented immigrants” ( NewsWeek).

The lack of job security for undocumented immigrants working on farms has already posed a issue of national food security and public health.

Workers dealing with America’s produce face serious health risks while dealing with food pesticides and other chemicals. These workers have little to no protection when faced with these healths risks. In addition, If they get sick, there is no one to work with the produce and therefore the nations food supply with decrease and it will cause a huge impact on the lives of everyday Americans.

Many people are in support of reform in a comprehensive way, switching from a low-skilled worker based program to a merit based one. This will allow employers to hire employees that will be able to be legal citizens and be active members of our nation, while also helping to stimulate the economy.


A whopping 11 million illegal immigrants currently live in the United States, these people have no job security, no healthcare. This not only effects the people that are here illegally but also effects every American citizen, it is because when these people lose their job or become ill, it effects the entire economy and U.S. healthcare system.


This is why we need a comprehensive immigration reform to be put in place, with proper checks to ensure that the people that are working for and improving out country have the correct rights and responsibilities.






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