Staying In


Undocumented immigrants from around the country are starting the feel the effects of President Trump’s immigration policy.  His executive order expands the types of crimes that can lead to deportation, leaving many individuals fearful of their future.  So much so that law enforcement officer and social service providers have noticed a drop in immigrants utilizing certain social services:

1. Fewer people are reporting domestic violence and rape

“42.8 percent drop in the number of Latinos reporting rape to his department compared to the same period last year”

2. Fewer workers are reporting injuries on the job

“Workers’ compensation lawyers have also seen a decline in the number of people who have come for their services. One lawyer saw a 20 percent drop in the number of intakes since Trump took office.”

3. Fewer immigrants are enrolling in safety net programs

“A California-based health care center, a provider told the publication that the center had experienced a 20 percent drop in food stamp enrollments, a 54 percent drop in Medicaid enrollments, and an 82 percent drop in a health program that helps indigent adults.”


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