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We need to let the Dreamers live out their Dream!


dream_act_girl-e1351212655203During President Obama’s administration, he introduced the Dream Act, which allowed children who came to the United States with their undocumented parent a path toward legal status if they attend college or serve in the military.  However, since President Trump’s administration, many believed the Dreamers are no longer protected, and they will encounter larger obstacles in living out their dream.

A recent report by Los Angeles Times stated that a 23 years-old “Dreamer” sues the Trump Administration over his deportation to Mexico. The 23 years-old “Dreamer”, Juan Manuel Montes claimed that he has permission to live and work in the United States under Obama’s Dream Act.  Juan Manuel Montes is a Mexican national who had lived in the U.S. since he was 9, he file a lawsuit demanding that federal officials release information about why he was deported.

Montes was deported on February 17th, 2017. He has learning disabilities after suffering a traumatic brain injury at a young age.  He was working at California’s agricultural field to support his family while studying welding at a community college.

According to Monte’s claim, he is protected under the Dream Act, and is legally to resides in the U.S.  It is immoral to depart Monte considering his learning disabilities and his qualification as a “dreamer”.  In the interview, Monte claimed that he was afraid and he did not know the reason, he was forced out of the country without any specific explanation. His work permit and DACA status were both valid.

Monte’s deportation challenged Trump’s promise of protecting children that came to this country with their parents from deportation.  There is an estimated of 742,000 “Dreamers” in the U.S. and about one-third of them resides in California.  The advocacy director with United We Dream, Greisa Martinez described the deportation of Monte as an attack.  She said, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us and we’ve got Juan’s back”. There should not be anymore attacks on the Dreamers. Their dreams CAN’T wait!

Immigration Protest

Let’s protect the Dreamer in our country, and let them live out their dreams! We urge you to contact your local Congressional representatives about this issue, and ask them to protect ALL the dreamers in our country!!!




“Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy” FALSE!

According to the article, Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy? by Yves Smith, she stated that foreign born population is negatively correlated with subsequent job creations.  In her article, she list multiple reasons on how immigrants have negatively impact our economy.


Her first argument was that immigrants came to this country as outsiders that they requires more expenditure of resources, and those resources could have otherwise go towards our economic development.


Is that true? NO!

While some Immigrants may require some help and resources from the government to settle down in a new country, most Immigrants do not. Immigrants are also tax-payers, even if they are requiring more services, they are also paying for the service that are provided by the government.  If there wasn’t any immigrants, the government will have limit fund. Indeed, there will be no additional resources for economic development.


Smith also claimed Immigrants that often send back remittances to their country of origin, which takes resources out of the US economy.


Although many immigrants do sent back remittances back to their origin country, that does not mean it is taking resources out of the US economy.  Since many immigrants are living in the states, they still contribute to the economy growth by workings and paying taxes.  In addition, many immigrants will eventually sponsor their families to the US, which will positively impact the economy by increasing the working population and household incomes.


Lastly, Smith stated Immigrants’ eligibility for social welfare will also impact the US economy by consuming government funds and resources.


Smith claimed that immigrants affect the economic by taking advantage of social welfare, but immigrants aren’t the only ones who are eligible for welfare.  There are also many Americans who is living on welfare, does that mean Americans are negatively affecting the economy too? In 2011, 28% of all companies founded in the U.S. had immigrant founders. While some immigrants needs social welfare, many immigrants have contribute greatly to the economy with their entrepreneurship abilities. seiu-international-immigration-immigrant-usa-work.gif