Pathway to Citizenship, the New American Dream

Pathway to Citizenship, the New American Dream

According to a recent McClatchy-Marist Poll nearly 80% of Americans favor a path to citizenship that requires an immigrant to learn English, pay needed fines, and have a job that pays taxes. Which is expected of any American citizen anyway, so why isn’t this path being formed into bipartisan legislature?


You guessed it, Donald Trump.

Trump has singed these three major executive orders that directly affect immigration and the path to citizenship.

  • The stripping of federal grant funds to self declared sanctuary cities and also requires publicly available lists of all crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.
    • Which includes the removal of a path to citizenship for those who are undocumented with immediate deportation without trial.
  • The controversial Travel Ban we have heard so much about.
  • The bulking of border control units and the beginning of federal funding to the construction of the U.S. Mexico wall.

These executive orders only further relations between current U.S. citizens and prospective citizens that presently carry short term VISAs or are completely undocumented.

The current path to citizenship eligibility is laid out on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Site, but to even be eligible for that you  must be a green card (permanent resident) holder for at least 5 years. The other main requirements are as follows.

  • 18 or older
  • Be physically in the U.S. for 30 months of those 5 years
  • Able to read, write, and speak English
  • Have knowledge and understanding of U.S. government and history
  • Spotless criminal record and in line with U.S. Constitutional principles

Then take the final Naturalization Exam, overall this process can take up to a decade in some circumstances.

The proposed path to citizenship that over 80% of Americans support in the above poll is one that we highly encourage as a community. First off this system would encourage undocumented immigrants to register with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in exchange for amnesty and work VISAs that would require to be renewed yearly. Fees would also be assessed to cover the registration expenses and semiannual meetings with ICE officials. Which ultimately leads to citizenship.

The proposed system would also include accelerated VISA grants and entrance to the U.S., especially if family members are already residing.

A man weeps and holds a U.S. flag at a May Day rally in Lafayette Square Park near the White House in Washington

These fees themselves would rack up millions for the U.S. government as opposed to the billions that would be spent building the wall, maintaining border security, and locating then deporting the over 11.1 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S..

This proposed path to citizenship rewards our government and the citizens who have been residents since 1776. The cost greatly outweighs the benefits for our current system and plans moving forward under Donald Trump. We urge you to think of the morality and ethics concerning other humans and their equal opportunity to grasp what is now the new American Dream, citizenship.

We always urge you to contact your local Congressional representatives about an issue like this, but you can take it a step further and visit to follow up on the latest immigration news and potential drafting of pro-immigration legislature!






Stopping the Flow

1023immigrants01As time rolls on, all eyes are on President Trump to see how he cracks down on illegal border crossing just as promised.  Some supporters, such as Leah Barkoukis, believe the President has already made significant strides on the issue.  Barkoukis points to the fact that eight immigration judges have been reassigned from their ordinary courts to detention centers along the border on March 20th.  The judges were sent to the border in an effort to rapidly hear the claims of migrants seeking asylum so that those deemed ineligible could be deported.  Out of the eight judges transferred to help tackle potential asylum cases, two have been recalled because of a lack of cases to hear.  The number of asylum seekers being held dropped from 1,499 women and children on Jan.14 to 259 in Dilley County, Texas and from 546 to 87 in Karnes County as of March 30th.  The two judges in these counties had a combined four cases left to hear after about three weeks stationed at the border.  Barkoukis cites President Trump’s gutsy stance on immigration for the recent trends along the border.

There are number of things left out from this report that enables this story to come off as a victory for Trump’s policies.  The remaining six judges assigned to the border have had full dockets.  Transferring judges from their already packed regular dockets causes frustration and rescheduling in their normal location.  It is simply unacceptable to assign these judges to make their judgements on a human being’s right to enter the U.S. based on political matters.  They are enforcing the President’s Executive Order on immigration when the court system should be impartial and abiding by due process.  There should be an independent immigration court system free from adhering to political quotas.

“Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy” FALSE!

According to the article, Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy? by Yves Smith, she stated that foreign born population is negatively correlated with subsequent job creations.  In her article, she list multiple reasons on how immigrants have negatively impact our economy.


Her first argument was that immigrants came to this country as outsiders that they requires more expenditure of resources, and those resources could have otherwise go towards our economic development.


Is that true? NO!

While some Immigrants may require some help and resources from the government to settle down in a new country, most Immigrants do not. Immigrants are also tax-payers, even if they are requiring more services, they are also paying for the service that are provided by the government.  If there wasn’t any immigrants, the government will have limit fund. Indeed, there will be no additional resources for economic development.


Smith also claimed Immigrants that often send back remittances to their country of origin, which takes resources out of the US economy.


Although many immigrants do sent back remittances back to their origin country, that does not mean it is taking resources out of the US economy.  Since many immigrants are living in the states, they still contribute to the economy growth by workings and paying taxes.  In addition, many immigrants will eventually sponsor their families to the US, which will positively impact the economy by increasing the working population and household incomes.


Lastly, Smith stated Immigrants’ eligibility for social welfare will also impact the US economy by consuming government funds and resources.


Smith claimed that immigrants affect the economic by taking advantage of social welfare, but immigrants aren’t the only ones who are eligible for welfare.  There are also many Americans who is living on welfare, does that mean Americans are negatively affecting the economy too? In 2011, 28% of all companies founded in the U.S. had immigrant founders. While some immigrants needs social welfare, many immigrants have contribute greatly to the economy with their entrepreneurship abilities. seiu-international-immigration-immigrant-usa-work.gif


Border Wall Bidding

Border Wall Bidding


Report from Federal Business Opportunities Department, graph made by Wall Street Journal 3/4/2017.

The bids from contractors to actually build Trumps proposed U.S. Mexico wall ended on Tuesday, April 4th. What Homeland Security quoted as a $21 Billion Dollar project gave way to extensive bidding by many construction companies. The most surprising stat from the pool of contractors is the amount of companies ran by those of Hispanic descent. Which make you think twice about the opinion of Mexican Americans currently in the U.S.

Plus here is a tweet I found earlier in the week that gave me a chuckle. Which scrutinizes Trump followers for believing everything he says despite facts (Like wiretapping microwaves.)




CNN Video on Proposed Border Wall Placement

Interesting video from CNN that states the complications and issues with Trump’s proposed U.S. Mexico border wall placement. Hearing first hand accounts of those living and working at the border is terrible, it is extremely unfair that the government can just take your land and if they pay you for it is significantly under fair market value. Then again the government is notorious for taking land from those who rightfully own it and have owned it for hundreds of years. The other aspect of the video is the irony that these citizens at the border wall that voted for Trump and claimed pro wall are being thrown under the bus.