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Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Immigrants or Drugs

Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Immigrants or Drugs

Donald Trump went on a tweet storm yesterday morning (4/24) regarding media reports that were portraying Trump’s proposed wall as delayed and nearly failed. The tweets came as followed:

Always with the fake news, then he proceeded to explain the importance and pledge his support to the multibillion dollar project.

Considering at this current moment only 1/3 of the U.S. Mexico border is actually secured with a physical wall and not a fence. Trump wants to add on 1,000 miles of wall onto the existing 650 miles that are in place now. The entire length of the border spans 1,900 miles, so there will still be spots of only fenced area and natural borders like rivers and cliffs.

So who’s to say the remaining 250 fenced miles won’t be strategically targeted by illegal immigrants and drug cartels?

I’m sure we have all seen the extensive caves and underground passages that allow drugs and immigrants to flow through, which can’t be stopped and spending 12-15 Billion on a wall will surely not assist in that side of prevention. Take a look at one of the tunnels discovered by Mexican officials.


Officials have found nearly 200 expansive smuggling tunnels since 1990 and who knows how many more could be out there. Unfortunately at this current moment to U.S. doesn’t even have reliable detection methods against this threat, so infiltration is the only discovery option.

The sad truth is that illegal immigration and drug trafficking do go hand and hand in some circumstances. Those who can’t afford to apply to the legal process resort to this kind of activity and pay “coyotes” a high fee to attempt to get them over the border. This process comes with a certain price from cartels as well, forcing felling aliens to smuggle drugs if they can’t afford to pay “coyotes.”

Let’s face it, drugs and immigrants can get through several other portals than just climbing over a fence.

  • Tunnel use is fairly common
  • Aquatic ventures have even been used
  • Simple mistakes by Customs Agents
  • Over staying on expired VISAs

Either way illegal immigration will  not cease to exist because of a physical barrier, there are plenty of other ways cartels can provide for the billion dollar drug market the U.S. demands.

Instead, I believe the U.S. Mexico wall will cause a more hateful and resentful feud between American citizens and Mexican immigrants. The border really just seems like a symbol for the need of separation between the newly elected officials including Trump. Instead of pouring tens of billions of dollars of tax payer money into a project most agree with why doesn’t America form some sort of diplomatic immigration task force to secure the border and offer citizenship to those deserving and ultimately take back the power from Mexican cartels to their own government.

We will just have to see how and if the border wall is built and if it actually helps the nations issue with drugs and illegal immigration.








Stopping the Flow

1023immigrants01As time rolls on, all eyes are on President Trump to see how he cracks down on illegal border crossing just as promised.  Some supporters, such as Leah Barkoukis, believe the President has already made significant strides on the issue.  Barkoukis points to the fact that eight immigration judges have been reassigned from their ordinary courts to detention centers along the border on March 20th.  The judges were sent to the border in an effort to rapidly hear the claims of migrants seeking asylum so that those deemed ineligible could be deported.  Out of the eight judges transferred to help tackle potential asylum cases, two have been recalled because of a lack of cases to hear.  The number of asylum seekers being held dropped from 1,499 women and children on Jan.14 to 259 in Dilley County, Texas and from 546 to 87 in Karnes County as of March 30th.  The two judges in these counties had a combined four cases left to hear after about three weeks stationed at the border.  Barkoukis cites President Trump’s gutsy stance on immigration for the recent trends along the border.

There are number of things left out from this report that enables this story to come off as a victory for Trump’s policies.  The remaining six judges assigned to the border have had full dockets.  Transferring judges from their already packed regular dockets causes frustration and rescheduling in their normal location.  It is simply unacceptable to assign these judges to make their judgements on a human being’s right to enter the U.S. based on political matters.  They are enforcing the President’s Executive Order on immigration when the court system should be impartial and abiding by due process.  There should be an independent immigration court system free from adhering to political quotas.


Border Wall Bidding

Border Wall Bidding


Report from Federal Business Opportunities Department, graph made by Wall Street Journal 3/4/2017.

The bids from contractors to actually build Trumps proposed U.S. Mexico wall ended on Tuesday, April 4th. What Homeland Security quoted as a $21 Billion Dollar project gave way to extensive bidding by many construction companies. The most surprising stat from the pool of contractors is the amount of companies ran by those of Hispanic descent. Which make you think twice about the opinion of Mexican Americans currently in the U.S.

Plus here is a tweet I found earlier in the week that gave me a chuckle. Which scrutinizes Trump followers for believing everything he says despite facts (Like wiretapping microwaves.)






CNN Video on Proposed Border Wall Placement

Interesting video from CNN that states the complications and issues with Trump’s proposed U.S. Mexico border wall placement. Hearing first hand accounts of those living and working at the border is terrible, it is extremely unfair that the government can just take your land and if they pay you for it is significantly under fair market value. Then again the government is notorious for taking land from those who rightfully own it and have owned it for hundreds of years. The other aspect of the video is the irony that these citizens at the border wall that voted for Trump and claimed pro wall are being thrown under the bus.

Border Wall Prototypes

As plans to build the US-Mexico border wall heat up, numerous companies have jumped at the chance to be involved.  According to the Associated Press, almost 200 organizations have contacted Customs and Border Protection about producing and designing the wall.  The proposals submitted vary incredibly from each other, ranging from traditional mesh fences to solar panels.ap_17094728697212_custom-a39b32b4296017ed445e59904fe97b339354e1d4-s2300-c85u_s_mexico_border_fence_in_ca-068b3f8b2ca0deddb502484ddf8a516ee84e313e-s2300-c85


“Not a pretext of religious discrimination?” Wrong

“Not a pretext of religious discrimination?” Wrong


“The exclusion of aliens is also a core federal prerogative: a power ‘inherent in sovereignty, necessary for maintaining normal international relations and defending the country against foreign encroachments and dangers…” 

On 3/27 nearly a month after Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban 2.0 was affirmed in a circuit appeals court, an amicus brief, a document filed in response for court case consideration, was filed. The authors were attorneys generals from 12 Republican led states including Texas, Florida, and Louisiana along with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. Headlines across the country read that Trump order was now backed by many prominent immigration prone states, the actual brief basically stated:

States included in amicus brief supporting travel ban.
  • States do not have the authority to set immigration standards that threaten citizen safety and national security.
  • Congress has delegated the case of immigration limitation to the executive branch and this is a utilization of that.
  • The order is not a pretext of religious discrimination.
  • The Obama administration also identified the same 6 countries banned as “countries of concern.”
  • “The Executive Order does not violate due process because nonresident aliens abroad have no liberty interest in seeking admission into the country; therefore, no constitutional claims accrue from a suspension of those aliens’ ability to enter.”

First and foremost not a month goes by without a U.S. citizen or SUSPECTED terrorist being killed in unmanned drone strikes, given no form of due process. Which has led to multiple lawsuits on both the Obama and Trump administrations by organizations like the ACLU and CCR. The case the states involved make in the generic facade idea of banning the terrorists and criminals, for unspoken religious reasons. The less than 1% makeup of Muslims in America mainly occupy the south and midwest which have seen major gains in Muslim followers since 2000.

Graph shows % change of Islam adherence from 2000-2010.

The states that have seen the largest rises in Muslim populations are also the same states in which Islam is the largest non Christian groups. Those states include: Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, and South Dakota, EIGHT of the THIRTEEN states that have also pledged their support behind the travel ban. Although the brief claims the ban is not for religious reasons, why would the state governments of the mainly Muslim populated states urge for passage? Many friends and family of those in these states would have no form of transportation unless verified already and traveling back and forth is extremely unpredictable just as in the case after the first inaction of the ban.

The lack of statistics in the brief are extremely questionable and just seem like a following of political and party politics with disregard of those living in their own states.








            As a group, we will examine the current and future U.S. immigration reform, including travel ban policies as well as plans to build the wall on the Mexican border. We intend to relay to our readers that the proposed ideas at least as of now could be detrimental not only financially but also to the makeup of our society/culture. We will keep up to date with stories concerning diplomacy between the U.S. and Mexican governments and future implications for visa holders and the like.