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Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

As our blog coms to end we can’t help but ponder the future we will face as citizens and the future immigrants will face to become citizens. Over the last few weeks we have discussed high value issues like the Trump Travel Ban, efforts to build the U.S. Mexico border wall, Trump and his words and actions on immigration, and the morality and impossibility of the proposed measures. We hope that you enjoyed our perspective on the eve changing idea of immigration into the United States from all countries, not just Mexico or war ravaged areas. We hope that you see humans just as we do in searching for opportunity and prosperity in the United States, no matter where the journey takes them. The foundation of this very nation is in jeopardy since this recent election and only the citizens have the power to change its course.

We strive everyday to make the world and country a better place for ourselves and our family, just as immigrants entering our country do. Have a heart and sympathize with these other families and people who can’t enter our country because one person changed their mind and said no.

We’re all for national security and keeping our country safe, but there has to be a better way. We have outline alternative methods and policies to counter Donald Trump in his ideas and executive orders. We urge you to seek the truth on your own and to not always trust what could be “fake news.” We as a nation will have to see how the presidency of Trump, one of our most ambitious political figures yet, dictates the future of immigration reform.

We appreciate any of the reads, likes, and comments. We will be signing off for good, but will still strive for the best when it comes to fair immigration reform.


-USA Immigration Site Team

Border Wall Bidding

Border Wall Bidding


Report from Federal Business Opportunities Department, graph made by Wall Street Journal 3/4/2017.

The bids from contractors to actually build Trumps proposed U.S. Mexico wall ended on Tuesday, April 4th. What Homeland Security quoted as a $21 Billion Dollar project gave way to extensive bidding by many construction companies. The most surprising stat from the pool of contractors is the amount of companies ran by those of Hispanic descent. Which make you think twice about the opinion of Mexican Americans currently in the U.S.

Plus here is a tweet I found earlier in the week that gave me a chuckle. Which scrutinizes Trump followers for believing everything he says despite facts (Like wiretapping microwaves.)