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Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

As our blog coms to end we can’t help but ponder the future we will face as citizens and the future immigrants will face to become citizens. Over the last few weeks we have discussed high value issues like the Trump Travel Ban, efforts to build the U.S. Mexico border wall, Trump and his words and actions on immigration, and the morality and impossibility of the proposed measures. We hope that you enjoyed our perspective on the eve changing idea of immigration into the United States from all countries, not just Mexico or war ravaged areas. We hope that you see humans just as we do in searching for opportunity and prosperity in the United States, no matter where the journey takes them. The foundation of this very nation is in jeopardy since this recent election and only the citizens have the power to change its course.

We strive everyday to make the world and country a better place for ourselves and our family, just as immigrants entering our country do. Have a heart and sympathize with these other families and people who can’t enter our country because one person changed their mind and said no.

We’re all for national security and keeping our country safe, but there has to be a better way. We have outline alternative methods and policies to counter Donald Trump in his ideas and executive orders. We urge you to seek the truth on your own and to not always trust what could be “fake news.” We as a nation will have to see how the presidency of Trump, one of our most ambitious political figures yet, dictates the future of immigration reform.

We appreciate any of the reads, likes, and comments. We will be signing off for good, but will still strive for the best when it comes to fair immigration reform.


-USA Immigration Site Team

Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Immigrants or Drugs

Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Immigrants or Drugs

Donald Trump went on a tweet storm yesterday morning (4/24) regarding media reports that were portraying Trump’s proposed wall as delayed and nearly failed. The tweets came as followed:

Always with the fake news, then he proceeded to explain the importance and pledge his support to the multibillion dollar project.

Considering at this current moment only 1/3 of the U.S. Mexico border is actually secured with a physical wall and not a fence. Trump wants to add on 1,000 miles of wall onto the existing 650 miles that are in place now. The entire length of the border spans 1,900 miles, so there will still be spots of only fenced area and natural borders like rivers and cliffs.

So who’s to say the remaining 250 fenced miles won’t be strategically targeted by illegal immigrants and drug cartels?

I’m sure we have all seen the extensive caves and underground passages that allow drugs and immigrants to flow through, which can’t be stopped and spending 12-15 Billion on a wall will surely not assist in that side of prevention. Take a look at one of the tunnels discovered by Mexican officials.


Officials have found nearly 200 expansive smuggling tunnels since 1990 and who knows how many more could be out there. Unfortunately at this current moment to U.S. doesn’t even have reliable detection methods against this threat, so infiltration is the only discovery option.

The sad truth is that illegal immigration and drug trafficking do go hand and hand in some circumstances. Those who can’t afford to apply to the legal process resort to this kind of activity and pay “coyotes” a high fee to attempt to get them over the border. This process comes with a certain price from cartels as well, forcing felling aliens to smuggle drugs if they can’t afford to pay “coyotes.”

Let’s face it, drugs and immigrants can get through several other portals than just climbing over a fence.

  • Tunnel use is fairly common
  • Aquatic ventures have even been used
  • Simple mistakes by Customs Agents
  • Over staying on expired VISAs

Either way illegal immigration will  not cease to exist because of a physical barrier, there are plenty of other ways cartels can provide for the billion dollar drug market the U.S. demands.

Instead, I believe the U.S. Mexico wall will cause a more hateful and resentful feud between American citizens and Mexican immigrants. The border really just seems like a symbol for the need of separation between the newly elected officials including Trump. Instead of pouring tens of billions of dollars of tax payer money into a project most agree with why doesn’t America form some sort of diplomatic immigration task force to secure the border and offer citizenship to those deserving and ultimately take back the power from Mexican cartels to their own government.

We will just have to see how and if the border wall is built and if it actually helps the nations issue with drugs and illegal immigration.







Staying In


Undocumented immigrants from around the country are starting the feel the effects of President Trump’s immigration policy.  His executive order expands the types of crimes that can lead to deportation, leaving many individuals fearful of their future.  So much so that law enforcement officer and social service providers have noticed a drop in immigrants utilizing certain social services:

1. Fewer people are reporting domestic violence and rape

“42.8 percent drop in the number of Latinos reporting rape to his department compared to the same period last year”

2. Fewer workers are reporting injuries on the job

“Workers’ compensation lawyers have also seen a decline in the number of people who have come for their services. One lawyer saw a 20 percent drop in the number of intakes since Trump took office.”

3. Fewer immigrants are enrolling in safety net programs

“A California-based health care center, a provider told the publication that the center had experienced a 20 percent drop in food stamp enrollments, a 54 percent drop in Medicaid enrollments, and an 82 percent drop in a health program that helps indigent adults.”


Familiar Faces


President Trump faced some harsh backlash last year when he criticized the ability of Judge Gonzalo Curiel to handle a lawsuit involving Trump University.  The President mainly cited Curiel’s Mexican heritage as the reason he was unfit for the job.  Judge Curiel is now back in the limelight to hear the case of Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, who may have been wrongfully deported from California to Mexico.  The background of President Trump and Judge Curiel’s interactions will bring attention to this test of the execution of the Trump Administration’s immigration policy.



The Huge Flaw in Trump’s Deportation Plans

The Huge Flaw in Trump’s Deportation Plans

Organizations that handle border security and deportation are facing heavy expectations  with Trump’s plans to raid sanctuary cities and ramp up border safety. Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are mostly affected. Congress will be voting on a bill that gives an extra $5 billion to both ICE and border patrol, so we will see how the democratic resistance goes.

The other problem is hiring these actual agents, Trump has signed an executive order a few months ago detailing those plans. The order states that 15,000 agents will be hired as fast as possible while trimming the strenuous application process.

This goal is unreachable in the near future, there aren’t nearly as many applicants since Trump has taken office and only 40 border patrol agents were hired last year and on average 2,000 ICE agents.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is not optimistic of this goal either, saying the hiring process itself would take 2-3 years alone.


Sources: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-ice-oig-20170420-story.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


We need to let the Dreamers live out their Dream!


dream_act_girl-e1351212655203During President Obama’s administration, he introduced the Dream Act, which allowed children who came to the United States with their undocumented parent a path toward legal status if they attend college or serve in the military.  However, since President Trump’s administration, many believed the Dreamers are no longer protected, and they will encounter larger obstacles in living out their dream.

A recent report by Los Angeles Times stated that a 23 years-old “Dreamer” sues the Trump Administration over his deportation to Mexico. The 23 years-old “Dreamer”, Juan Manuel Montes claimed that he has permission to live and work in the United States under Obama’s Dream Act.  Juan Manuel Montes is a Mexican national who had lived in the U.S. since he was 9, he file a lawsuit demanding that federal officials release information about why he was deported.

Montes was deported on February 17th, 2017. He has learning disabilities after suffering a traumatic brain injury at a young age.  He was working at California’s agricultural field to support his family while studying welding at a community college.

According to Monte’s claim, he is protected under the Dream Act, and is legally to resides in the U.S.  It is immoral to depart Monte considering his learning disabilities and his qualification as a “dreamer”.  In the interview, Monte claimed that he was afraid and he did not know the reason, he was forced out of the country without any specific explanation. His work permit and DACA status were both valid.

Monte’s deportation challenged Trump’s promise of protecting children that came to this country with their parents from deportation.  There is an estimated of 742,000 “Dreamers” in the U.S. and about one-third of them resides in California.  The advocacy director with United We Dream, Greisa Martinez described the deportation of Monte as an attack.  She said, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us and we’ve got Juan’s back”. There should not be anymore attacks on the Dreamers. Their dreams CAN’T wait!

Immigration Protest

Let’s protect the Dreamer in our country, and let them live out their dreams! We urge you to contact your local Congressional representatives about this issue, and ask them to protect ALL the dreamers in our country!!!


Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-ln-daca-deportee-20170418-story.html

Another Trump Immigration Tweet

Donald Trump tweeted this on his personal account just hours after the horrific murder of 4 teens in Long Island. The 4 murders were believed to be committed by the MS-13, the notoriously Hispanic gang.

The incident left four teens under the age of 18 dead and mutilated on scene, constant with MS-13 gang killings. Donald Trump believes that the Obama’s relaxed immigration policy allowed this to happen. Which explains the recent reform and urge to constrict immigration flow even more.


Sources: http://www.vibe.com/2017/04/four-teens-mutilated-long-island-ms-13/